There are different types of linen that you should know about. This will help you in purchasing quality linen which you can get here in Linens Direct. Linens can be considered as a combination of comfort and luxury in one.

  • Thread Count
    What is a thread count? Thread count is the number threads within a square inch of a fabric. So the higher the count the higher quality. It can also give an indication on how it will feel against your skin which pertains to the fabrics smoothness and fineness. Still, this is all just numbers when you consider the thread quality itself. If you have a finer yarn that has a lower thread count, this will feel more luxurious compared to a yard with a higher thread count but of lower quality.
  • Material and Types of Linen
    Depending on your personal preference and taste in cloth, the linen fabric has different types that will match your lifestyle. Here are some mostly used fabrics or type of materials for your sheets:
  • Linen: One of the most expensive sheets that are best for warm climates that is also very durable that can last for more than a decade. It is absorbent and cool plus it is also non-allergenic which makes it a great substitute for cotton.
  • Cotton: If linen is one of the most expensive, cotton is the opposite. It is very affordable yet absorbent, cool, and versatile. It is the most used fibre in terms of making bed linen because it is easy to wash, durable, and naturally breathable.
  • Egyptian Cotton: Egypt’s climate perfectly grows these long cotton fibres that allows it to become super fine yarns. It is also durable, strong, and equally expensive due to its quality.
  • Supima Cotton: This type of cotton are similar to the Egyptian cotton that results to a cloth that is luxurious, smooth, and soft to the skin. It is also durable and strong. They are also known as Pima cotton which are more affordable compared to Egyptian cottons.
  • Silk: This type of linen which can also be found in Linens Direct are very versatile as it can adapt to changes in weather which is perfect for those with sensitive skin. It regulates body temperature, hypo-allergenic, delicate compared to other fabrics, and needs care in terms of washing and maintenance.