Linen can be damaged with bleach, mildew, and perspiration but is resistant to carpet beetles and moths. It is very easy to maintain since it has no pilling tendency and lint, resists stains and dirt, can withstand high temperature, can be steamed, machine-washed, or dry-cleaned. The fabric becomes more absorbent and softer after each wash.

Caring for the fabric is very simple. You don’t need to dry clean them unless these are suits or any tailored items that we are talking about. You can always have them hand or machine washed. You can even tumble dry on low temperature. Still, follow the cleaning instructions along with your items prior proceeding for precautionary measures. You don’t even need to iron this fabric that much unless it’s really wrinkled badly.

Remember to wash them regularly, regardless of the type to keep them in good condition and for hygienic purposes as well.