How to Measure

A key factor in measuring for your curtains is the method of hanging you choose Whether you choose a track or a pole for hanging, we recommend that you situate it between 10 and 15 cm above the top of the window, and allow it to run for between 15 and 30cm either side of the window.

This will help minimise light intrusion, allow for the curtains to be gathered to either side of the window when open, and ensure the ideal 'look' for your new curtains.

The measurement and placement of your track or pole will be used to get the ideal measurement for your curtains width and length ("drop")

 Measuring the length of your track or pole

How your curtains hang and look will also depend on the style of curtain you choose, and to where you wish the curtain to hang to.

There are three common drops that people use; to the sill, below the sill, and to the floor.
If you haven’t a radiator under your window you will have more choice in where your curtain can sit below the sill.
If you do have a radiator under your window, we advise your 'below sill' drop ends around 2cm above the top of your radiator.


Curtain drop lengths

We sell two main types of curtain, Eyelet, and Pencil Pleat.

Eyelet curtain

Eyelet curtain

These curtains are designed to hang from a pole.

When measuring for them, the length, or "drop" needs to be measured from the top of the curtain pole, to the point where you want the curtain to hang to.
To this length you will need to add 3cm (just over an inch) which accounts for the material above the eyelet.

Pencil pleat

Pencil pleat curtain

Pencil Pleat curtains can be hung from either a track, or a pole.

They come with a 3 inch heading tape along the top of the curtain, to which you attach curtain hooks, which either hook on to runners on a track, or curtain rings from a pole.

If hanging from a track the drop measurement will usually be taken from the top of the track, to the point where you want the curtain to hang to. This will allow enough material to hang the curtain and cover the track.  
If you wish your track to be visible then take your measurement form the bottom of the track, to the point where you want the curtain to hang to.

If you are hanging your pencil pleat curtain from a pole, then you will be attaching the curtain hooks on the heading tape to rings that the curtain pole runs through.The measurement for this style of hanging is taken from the underside of the pole, to the point where you want your curtain to hang to.

The width for both style of curtain is taken from the track or pole, and not the window.

For a track, the full length of the track is taken (measurement C), and for a pole it is the length of the pole excluding finials that is used (measurement A).

Measurement B refers to the 15-30cm that should be allowed either side of the window to allow for the curtain to be drawn back.

Measuring the width of your curtain

If your measurements came to 229 cm wide, by 229cm drop you would need one pair of curtains measuring 229 x 229 cm, as this would give you two curtains, each 229cm wide, which would allow for the doubling of width needed to account for the gather required to make your curtains look their best when hanging.

Once you have measured for your curtains and decided on a track or pole, and curtain design, all that is left to do is decide whether you wish to use a tieback that matches the curtain design, a tie back that compliments the curtain design, or a holdback, that matches, or compliments the pole design.

Measuring for your Nets

Measuring for your nets is a simpler process as there is only one set of measurements to be taken, whether you are hanging them using a wire, or a telescopic pole.The width and height of the window, or window recess is all that is needed to give the width of net required and the drop needed.

With nets we recommend a total width of at least 2.5 times the actual window width.  This allows for sufficient gather to make the net hard to see through from the outside and ensures privacy, as well as maintaining a nice appearance.

We do offer gather options of 2 times and 3 times for those who prefer slightly less, or slightly fuller appearances.  If you wish to use a gather other than the three listed options please contact our customer service team who will be happy to help you.

When purchasing a jardinière the same measurements are used, as the drop length on the jardinière is for the longest part of the jardinière, ensuring that near the window edges the net will reach the sill, and that the arch of the jardinière fits the window appropriately.