Enhanced Living

With lifestyle awareness becoming a national issue, Dr Hilary Jones, the nation’s favourite GP, has been working with one of the UKs leading Textile companies to produce The Enhanced Living ® Collection, aimed at improving your health and wellbeing throughout the year.

1 in 5 people suffer with hay fever in the UK, with 95% of people with hay fever being allergic to grass pollen. Recent laboratory studies carried out by Nottingham Trent University have concluded that Enhanced Living net curtains are effective in capturing over 50% of household dust along with also capturing pollen, the main allergens for sufferers of asthma and hay fever. Dr Hilary advises that the net curtains may help homes become a tolerable environment for sufferers.

Giorgina Nets

Further to this, a study by the Nation Sleep Foundation,found out that, 30% of adults have less than 7 hours of sleep a night, and in the survey, 73% said a dark room is important to maintain a good sleep, while 74% said a quiet environment was imperative in order to have a good night’s sleep.

The Enhanced Living, stylish, readymade curtains are proven to block out the majority of light and reduce external noises. Dr Hilary recommends their use to improve sleep quality and general wellbeing.

100,000 car crashes are caused annually because of drowsy drivers; as a result, sleep is extremely important, it also reduces stress, improving concentration and abolishing daytime drowsiness.

Enhanced Living Collection also aids in reducing your energy bills, with as much as 20% of your heat being lost through your window. The thermal properties in the Enhanced Living Collection aims to reduce this, keeping your house warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.


Thermal Properties Thermal Properties - The thermal properties in Our Enhanced Living Ready Mades, are designed to ensure your house is kept warm in the winter, and cool in the summer
Dust Filtration

Dust Filtration - A main cause of asthma is airborne allergens, having a barrier, such as nets, is an ideal way to block and prevent allergens.
Our Enhanced Living nets can be effective in capturing up to 56% of dust*, reducing the effects of asthma and hayfever, an improving health and wellbeing
*National Sleep Foundation

Energy Saving Energy Saving – With energy bills rising by 37% in 3 years, every penny counts. In your home windows account for as much as 20% of home energy loss.
Our Enhanced Living Curtains are designed to reduce energy loss via your windows, thus saving you money on your heating and cooling bills.
Noise Reducing Noise Reducing - Our Enhance Living Ready Made Curtains are designed to reduce external noise, aiding in a good nights sleep.
Dr. Hilary Jones suggests that a quiet room reduces stress and improves sleep, making a more peaceful and enjoyable environment.
In a recent survey, 74* said a quiet room is imperative for a good night’s sleep.
*National Sleep Foundation
Pollen Reducing Pollen Reducing – Our Enhanced Living Nets have been designed to trap and filter dust and pollen. For optimum benefit, nets should be a minimum of double window width.
To remove the dust and pollen simply fold the curtain and wash regularly, for optimum benefit we suggest replacing nets every 2-3 years
With summer fast approaching, and being the beginning of hay fever season, it is important to use nets in order to help prevent pollen particles getting into your house. 
* Nottingham Trent University
Room Darkening Room Darkening - Dr Hilary Jones recommends that to have a good sleeping environment a dark room is a necessity.
Our Enhance Living Ready Made Curtains block out light in bedrooms, children’s rooms, tv rooms, any room. Sleep better any time of the day or night.
In order to get a good nights sleep, 73%* say a dark room is important to ensure an effective and relaxing sleep.
*National Sleep Foundation