Summer bedding – our guide to a great nights sleep

With Glastonbury over, and Wimbledon underway, it feels like summer is finally here. Rather than dread those humid nights, follow these top tips from Linens Direct to bring a touch of summer to your bedroom, freshen up your bedding, and enjoy that summer feeling as much indoors, as out.

“Swap those heavy winter duvets for one with a lighter Tog rating”

Linens Direct Duvets

One of the best ways to freshen things up in the bedroom during summer, is to swap those heavy winter duvets for one with a lighter tog summer duvet. The tog rating of a duvet indicates its warmth, with a higher number being warmer. Grab a 4.5 tog duvet from Linens Direct and you’ll instantly notice the difference in how comfortably you sleep.

“Ditch those winter colours for bold prints and bright designs”

The colours we surround ourselves with have a big influence on our mood. During the winter months we want deep reds and sumptuous oranges, such as those found in this stylish Empire duvet cover set from Linens Direct. The colours add warmth and comfort to the cold seasons and make us look forward to snuggling up in bed. When it comes to summer though it’s time to ditch those winter colours for bold prints and bright designs to bring a vibrancy and freshness to the bedroom. Designs like our Stripes duvet cover set or Jaipur duvet cover set bring thoughts of days at the beach and the cooling sea in to the warm bedroom, and help relax us, ready for bed.

Linens Direct Duvets

“Egyptian Cotton for freshness, or a polycotton blend for that light weight feel”

When it comes to choosing a summer duvet cover set, the fabric is as important as the design. Cotton duvet cover sets, such as our Ritz duvet cover set, and particularly Egyptian cotton like that found in the Linens Direct 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, give a high quality, very breathable, material, Linens Direct Duvetswhich feels great against the skin, while offering a high quality duvet set. Polycotton duvet cover sets like our Grosvenor duvet cover set are also a great choice. They are a blend of polyester and cotton, and offer a lighter weight duvet cover, while still keeping many of the benefits of an all cotton duvet. It really comes down to personal preference, but the general guide is Egyptian cotton for freshness, or a polycotton blend for that lightweight feel.

“A new throne for your head”

Once we’ve got the lightweight summer duvet, and colourful duvet cover sorted, the last piece of the puzzle is the pillow. Often overlooked the humble pillow plays an important role in how well we sleep, be it that all important neck angle, or simply the ‘bounciness’ of it, if the pillow is wrong, a good sleep will elude us. The best advice in this situation is to throw out those tired pillows, and welcome the summer season with a new throne for your head. Whether you like a firmer offering, like our memory foam pillow, something more traditional like the duck feather pillow, or simply want to relive that holiday feeling with our hotel pillow pair, we think treating your head to a good night’s rest is the best way to wake up fresh in the morning. And remember; if it gets too warm, flip it over – everyone loves the cool side of the pillow!

Be it bringing a new look to your bedroom, a fresh design to the bed, or simply the search for a good night’s sleep, we hope the Linens Direct guide to summer bedding helps you achieve restful nights. We’d love to see your summer bedrooms, and answer any questions you have, so head over to the Linens Direct facebook page, and show us your summer bedroom look, and be sure to share it with your friends too.